Frequently Asked Questions

When making your payment, it is possible that a credit/debit card verification is required. This verification is made within the 3D Secure procedure and is used to reinforce the security of the payments. You then need to follow the authentication modalities of your bank to allow Teezily to make sure you are the holder of the credit/debit card used.

Our suppliers are signatory to an internal code of conduct, also providing essential principals applicable to working conditions, and regulations that reduce the impact from production on the environment.
This code of conduct means that factories must have a minimum compliance with the national regulations of protection of the environment, including; those relating to adapted storing of dangerous materials, and finding ways to make sure that a minimal energie consommation is maintained and how best to use natural recyclable resources, in their daily activity.

Delivery is estimated to be within 3 to 7 working days after the campaign is printed.

The shipping costs are indicated by Teezily on the order form.

Teezily commits to process the order within 10 to 15 working days following the day the campaign has ended.

The delivery time indicated is the period stipulated for delivery and corresponds to the time used to print, process, prepare and ship the order.

Thanks to a HTTPS protocol, your payment is secured and assures you that all your banking information will be transferred to Teezily following an entirely secured protocol.

The collection of your credit/debit card data is operated by Be2bill, approved payment solution. Teezily does not store any data related to your bank card.

Fill in the information relative to the product ordered: choose the size of the product and order an extra unit by clicking on "add a product".

Fill in the payment information: your surname and name, your email, your delivery address and your mean of payment (VISA, Mastercard, PayPal).

And that's it! You do not need to create an account to place an order.

Accoring to the factories, the Certificaton Bodies, among them WRAP, "Worldwide responsible accredited production" and the Fair Wear Foundation, regularly control that the essential principals for within manufacturing plants are being respected:
-Compliance with locally applicable controls;
-No forced work; - No children under the age of 14 or over, according to applicable rules, are allowed to work ; -Fight against harrassment and abuse;
-Local regulations applied concerning salaray and social benefits;
-Compliance with local regulation concerning working hours
-Fight against discrimination;
-Working environment kept clean and safe;
-Freedom of association and joint negociation; - Compliance with local environmental law;
- Compliance with Customs Control;
- Proceedings against and the control of dangerous or illicite substances in the work place.
Hygene, health and security conditions are constantly being improved by our partner factories, with an integrated medical unit in some of the establishments and regular security checks of the installations.
Our suppliers also participate in part for the financing of hospitals and orphanages, as well as in other stocks and donations for the wellbeing of the local people.

No. Your credit/debit card is charged only if the campaign reaches its goal. The billing of your order is processed on the day your campaign ends. However, if the campaign does not reach its goal, your bank account will not be charged.

All factories working with TEEZILY are certified by various independent bodies, among them being: the WRAP "Worldwide responsible accredited production" and the Fair Wear Foundation.
These certificates attest that our suppliers comply with the Geneva Convention, article 138. This convention aims at developing the national regulations regarding the minimum age for admission to work. In none of the factories where TEEZILY products are produced, accoring to local applicable regulation, are children under the legal age to work employed.